Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma

Happy 2nd birthday to our pretty little Emmeline!

She got a new antler and a Vibram rocketship (which she hasn't let out of her sight), and she even got some delicious, homemade pupcakes from our new organic Pupcake2Go kits!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet your Hound Dog Homecoming King

A few weeks ago, Rocco was crowned as the Central Missouri Humane Society's Hound Dog Homecoming King for the second year in a row.

Again, Rocco promises to rule his puppy kingdom graciously and honorably.

Thanks to everyone who donated to CMHS for Rocco's campaign!

Vito is getting adopted!

Vito, that sweet foster boy of ours pictured above, is getting adopted this week!

Congrats to Vito, and his great new family!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rocco's All-American BBQ!

You're all invited to Rocco's All-American BBQ Celebration, happening this Sunday at Lizzi & Rocco's!

We're normally closed on Sundays, but we're making an exception this week. From 12:00 - 4:00 we'll have the grill fired up in the back so pets and people can have some grub, and we will be taking some AWESOME pet pictures to benefit Columbia Second Chance and the Central Missouri Humane Society. Seriously, the photo set up is going to be fantastic!

And since it's Rocco's birthday, he's requested that some of his most favorite items be on sale so all of his canine friends can enjoy them too! So tomorrow and Sunday you can save:
-20% on Hide-a-Squirrels, Hide-A-Bees, and Hide-A-Bird plush puzzle toys
-20% on any variety of Cloudstar treats
-30% on Skineez stuffing-free toys
-30% on JW Pet toys

We hope to see you on Sunday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

MidMo PrideFest

We had the pleasure of being one of the judges for the Gayest Dog Competition at MidMo PrideFest today. The entire festival was wonderful (until the rain showed up), but we loved the dog competition!

Check out some of the awesome competitors from today!

Claude, winner of the gayest male dog

Sunny, winner of the gayest female dog

Monkey, winner of the best costume (seriously - painted toenails, Diva collar charm, eyeshadow and glitter...this boy was decked out!)

Fan Favorite Tinkerbell!

And just because it was so pretty and colorful, look at our table!

New Bart and Fi pictures

They deserve a little shout out too. Aren't they adorable? And they could be all yours!

Meet Vito!

This is Vito, and he's a young (1-2 years old) Jack Russell Terrier/Spitz mix.

He's our newest foster, and we picked him up on Friday. He is an absolute sweetheart. Besides being a little rusty on his leash manners and jumping up a bit, he's quite polite. He's loving playing with Emma (our boxer), and barely acknowledges our cats.

If you or someone you know is looking for a sweet, moderately energetic addition to the family, look no further!

Vito is available for adoption through the Central Missouri Humane Society. Once he gets over his kennel cough you'll be able to visit him at L&R!

For those of you that are more of a 'cat person,' don't forget that we still have Bart and Fiona available for adoption through Columbia Second Chance!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crown the King!

Our boy Rocco is King, and he wants it to stay that way!
The Central Missouri Humane Society holds a great function every year - Hound Dog Homecoming. It's a carnival of sorts for dogs, with lots of different activities for dogs and their humans to participate in. As any Homecoming should, CMHS Hound Dog Homecoming has a King and Queen Competition. Rocco won this last year, and is seeking re-election this year.
The King and Queen is crowned based on who can raise the most money for the shelter on behalf of their dog. He would LOVE your help on this quest, so if you're interested in making a donation, feel free to stop in the store or mail a check (made out to the Central Missouri Humane Society) to 503 E. Nifong, Suite J., Columbia, MO 65201 by the deadline of June 25.
For more information on Rocco's candidacy, feel free to visit his Facebook group, or ask us for more details!

Fosters update

Alright - here's what's happened with our fosters over the past few months.


Ned was with us for quite a long time, and had been with Columbia Second Chance for almost a year. He survived being shot at, parvo, a serious bout of mange, and two failed trial adoptions before he found his perfect forever home on December 26, 2009.

Ned's new family is wonderful, and everything we hoped for for him - they've taken him to training class, and he has three kids and a canine brother in his new family that he LOVES to play with. They get a bad rap, but anyone who has been around them for any length of time knows that pitties are great with children, and Ned is definitely no exception.

We couldn't be more delighted that after all he had been through, Ned finally found someone perfect to add them to their family!

Wiggles & Puppies

On February 10, this sweet gal gave birth to a litter of six little pups at the Central Missouri Humane Society. This great rescue in Iowa said they'd take them in, but they needed a place to hang out until they could make their way north, so they headed to our house for a week!

Wiggles was a young Momma, and didn't always have interest in tending to the puppies (she did, just reluctantly). Unfortunately, one puppy was just too small to survive, and so one little baby girl passed away the day after they arrived in Iowa. The rest have grown like weeds, and all of the puppies and Wiggles have since been adopted.


Sweet little Zoey...She was another long-timer. We got her mid-January, and she was adopted about two weeks ago. Her previous owners 'developed allergies,' and so they threw her out into the garage in the middle of winter. She had also had all medical issues completely ignored, and when she came into Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue, she needed two extensive surgeries. One to remove 14 rotting, painful teeth, and the other to repair a luxating patella. Both issues are common in the breed, but can be managed with regular vet care (which Zoey had not previously received).

She wasn't the brightest star in the sky, but she was one of the sweetest, most loving dogs in the world. We were so happy that she finally found a forever home that will treat her with the love and respect that all animals deserve!


Miss Sky wasn't with us for long, but long enough for me to fall in love with her. She was beautiful, gentle, and sweet as pie.

Her story is one that baffles my mind. A Columbia woman drove FOUR HOURS one way to adopt this dog. And less than three days later, she changed her mind and dumped her at CMHS. Because their current policy does not allow them to adopt out American Bulldogs like Sky, they would be forced to euthanize her, but her new owner couldn't be troubled with driving her back to the shelter she adopted Sky from in order to literally save her life.
Fortunately for Sky, the nice folks at CMHS do love the bully breeds, and bend over backwards to find groups that will take them in. Sky's original shelter loved her, but didn't have the manpower to drive here to get her back, so she stayed at our house until another CMHS volunteer could get her back to where she came from. Sky has since found another home, and the shelter feels confident this time it's for forever!


Are you ready for something painfully cute? That's Raymond. A customer told us about a puppymill that was going to kill a blind Cavalier puppy they had (because a blind dog won't make them any money). Knowing we work with Cavalier Rescue, she hoped we could intervene and save him. Enter Raymond into our lives.
Turns out that Ray isn't blind afterall. He has corneal ulceration, but can still see well enough to get around. Unfortunately he had a bad case of coccidia from the puppymill, so he was with us for longer than a puppy that cute normally would be in rescue. After five weeks with us, he finally went home last weekend to a wonderful couple from Kansas where he'll have another Cavalier Rescue alum to play with.
And the family vowed never to put this angelic face in Jawhawk Gear. It was part of the adoption agreement. :)

Bart & Fiona

Those that have been with us for a while may recognize these two kitties - Bart and Fiona with Columbia Second Chance. Bart and Fi were at the store with us a lot when we first opened. They were part of a large feral cat trapping that SNAP (Spay, Neuter And Protect) did last summer, but these two were social enough to be put up for adoption.

They were with us for four months before they were adopted in December. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with the adopter, and they were just returned a couple of weeks ago.

They are now almost a year old, but are SUCH lovable cats. Bart has a particular fondness for snuggling with Emma (our boxer), and Fiona has blossomed into quite the cuddle bug (which is a long way away from her formerly timid, semi-feral self). These two will be making regular appearances at L&R, so stop in and see them, and if you know of anyone who wants a couple of adorable cats, send them our way!

Sip & Shop

Last Saturday we participated in Sip & Shop - an event during Inside Columbia Magazine's Columbia Wine & Food Festival. We had such a great time! All canine customers that day got to participate in a little wine tasting of their own, and we think it was a huge hit. Be on the lookout for more "Yappy Hour" events in the future.

L&R take a moment to model with one of the canine wine varieties - Pinot Leasheo!

Wonder hangs out next to the barrel and a few bottles of vino.

The dogs had a pretty good spread!

Fizz samples a bit of everything

Daisy waits patiently for her turn to taste some wine.

We're back to the blog!

Hi L&R friends! We've slacked on the blog front for a while now, but we're back on track! We fully intend on resuming regular posting.

What's been going on around L&R? Lots of stuff! We've held some successful adoption events, have launched our free educational resource area, and continue to grow our inventory every week (and are always open to product suggestions, so let us know)!

Rather than rehash the past 5 months completely (that could take a while!), we'll give you a few highlights in the next few posts. Ready? Here we go.