Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crown the King!

Our boy Rocco is King, and he wants it to stay that way!
The Central Missouri Humane Society holds a great function every year - Hound Dog Homecoming. It's a carnival of sorts for dogs, with lots of different activities for dogs and their humans to participate in. As any Homecoming should, CMHS Hound Dog Homecoming has a King and Queen Competition. Rocco won this last year, and is seeking re-election this year.
The King and Queen is crowned based on who can raise the most money for the shelter on behalf of their dog. He would LOVE your help on this quest, so if you're interested in making a donation, feel free to stop in the store or mail a check (made out to the Central Missouri Humane Society) to 503 E. Nifong, Suite J., Columbia, MO 65201 by the deadline of June 25.
For more information on Rocco's candidacy, feel free to visit his Facebook group, or ask us for more details!

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